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Indian Association Geneva (IAG) was established in 1947 and is probably the world's oldest Indian Association running un-interrupted since its inception. It currently has over 500 members and non-members living in Geneva and around participating in the activities organized. Indian Association Geneva is the largest and perhaps the most active Indian Association in Switzerland.

It is serviced by an Executive Committee and a team of volunteers. The Honorable Consul General of India in Geneva is a nominated member of the team.

Indian association charter's focus is to serve as a social and culture forum for Indians , foster friendship with Swiss and International community, contribute to the social and culture life of the city and contribute to humanitarian causes.

The IAG is active throughout the year beginning with the Republic Day Celebration in January, Holi-Easter-Eid in March-April, Independence day celebrations in August, Gandhi Jayanti and very popular Navratri celebration in October, followed by, Namaste Geneva, a special event in September, children day's and festival of light "Diwali", Eid, Gurpurb and Christmas celebration in November. IAG endeavor to promote Indian culture by inviting artists from India to perform on various occasions. To offer a refreshing break to our members, we organise bollywood evening.

Any person above 18 years of age who shares the objectives and interest of the Association is eligible to become a member by paying an annual membership fee. Membership is valid for calendar year and payment must be made before end of March each calendar year. 



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