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Geneva is multicultural society and one of its major strengths is exchange, dialogue and creativity. The Indian diaspora is widely spread across Geneva and gives you the opportunity to find a home away from home. This page is not intended to be exhaustive, but contains practical information on a range of subjects like insurance, site seeing, hostels and housing, work, etc. which we hope will be useful to you in the first few months of your arrival and the following years. We hope that this brochure will help you settle down and find your bearings in Geneva, and bid you once more a warm welcome to the beautiful canton.
  • Accommodation It is extremely difficult to find accommodation in Geneva but it is not impossible. We have collected some important links and documents that will help you for this.

  • Important online groups Social media platform can also help you find accommodation. We are mentioning few of such groups and links. Glocals: Facebook Groups: Geneva Expats, Geneva Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets Geneva rent a House, Villa, Apartment, Flat, Condo, Studio, Room GIA (Geneva Interns Association) *Please be careful of housing scams and fraud. Only transfer money to genuine bank accounts.
  • Compulsory Health Insurance
    It is compulsory to have insurance when you movie to Switzerland. This can be an internal insurance (acceptable in Switzerland) or local insurance.
    • Compulsory Health Insurance in a nutshell by the Fedral office of Public Health, FOPH - Click here
  • Economical grocery and general stores:
    Lidl, Aldi, Jumbo, Maxi Bazar, Maxi Discount etc. all over Geneva. You can also look out for amazing deals at Migros and Coop.
    Opening timings: Usually the shops open from 8:30 am – 7pm. Sundays all shops are closed except for the ones at Gare and Airport.
    Special timings for big stores:
    Thursdays: 8:30 am – 9 pm
    Fridays 8:30 Am – 7:30 pm
  • Public transportation:

    If you are here temporary and you are staying in a hotel, youth hostel or at a campsite, you are entitled to receive a personal and non transferable Geneva Transport Card for free, which will allow you to use the whole public transportation system (including tpg boats) of Geneva for the length of Your stay for free. You can also purchase 1 month zone 10 TPG/Unireso ticket (valid for bus, tram, lake boats and train in the whole zone 10) at Gare Cornavin Railway Station or at station Rive (tram 12). At the Gare Cornavin, the TPG Office is located at the northern entrance (upper part of the station), just opposite the Geneve Roule! bicycle rental. Cost for one month Geneva public transport ticket zone 10 for adult is 70CHF and 45CHF for young people 25 years old or younger.

    You only need to provide Your ID, address where You are living in Geneva (or hotel address) and swiss phone (optional) and a passport size photograph. In return they will give the receipt of the monthly pass immediately, the card will come via post later. There are also passes for longer period, up to one year (more economical), available and passes for other zones as well.

  • Restaurants serving Indian Dishes

    We encourage to you try local cuisine, however we understand nothing can replace desi food so below are few suggestions.

    • Masala House
    • Les Jardins De Malyar
    • King Curry
    • Le dhabba
    • Gandhi Café
    • Little India
    • Indian Curry House
    • Masala House
    • Chandigarh Tandoori
    • Salsabeel
    • Sajna
    • Bombay Restaurant
    • Nepal Café
    • Shiva

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